Magic is neither good nor evil. It is a tool, like a knife. Is a knife evil? Only if the wielder is evil,

Hecate, House of Hades (via eruditeborn-amitytransfer)
August 30th  quote
Shiina Ringo – Tsumi to Batsu
August 30th  shiina ringo musique


♡ sally jones silk chiffon rose bra and panty ♡

August 30th  lingerie

I have so much I want to tell you, and nowhere to begin.

J.D. Salinger, Seymour - An Introduction (via psych-facts)
August 28th  photography
Are you trying to tell me that you think that I am Anastasia ? - Anastasia (1997)

Here is the handful
of shadow I have brought back to you:
this decay, this hope, this mouthful
of dirt, this poetry.

Margaret Atwood, “Mushrooms,” from Notes Towards a Poem That Can Never Be Written (via lifeinpoetry)
August 27th